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DAY 4 - Stainless Steel is Challenging NO MO'. Make it Flawless

Do you want beautiful stainless steel appliances? Of course you do! At TGL, we love Sprayway Products. Their glass cleaner is great and so too is their brand of Stainless Steel Cleaner. It can even bring back the shine of older stainless steel items. Kurt gives us the low-down.

As always Amazon has great prices and is super convenient. Click here to get Sprayway Stainless Steel Cleaner delivered right to your door.

Green Alternative:

DIY Stainless Steel Cleaner Ingredients:

½ cup isopropyl alcohol (70%)

2 drops lavender essential oil

½ cup distilled water

1 glass 8-ounce bottle

Using a funnel, start by pouring half-cup of isopropyl alcohol into an eight-ounce glass bottle. Remove the funnel and add two drops of lavender essential oil. Place the funnel back in the bottle and fill with half a cup of distilled water. Remove the funnel and place the spray nozzle on the bottle. Shake once to mix ingredients

*This recipe compliments of Kristy at Life-N-Reflection Blog.

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