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DAY 5 - What Dust? Amazing Cleaner for Wood Floors & Furniture the Easy Way

We love Murphy's Oil Soap for cleaning and shining all types of wood surfaces. It's an all-in-one floor cleaner and wood polish. Anna uses it to defeat dust, reduce allergens, and other respiratory irritants.

Murphy's Oil Soap works double-duty allowing you to eliminate dust on almost all wood surfaces. It's also a great natural product containing coconut oil and other plant-derived ingredients.

As always Amazon has great prices and is super convenient. Click here to get Murphy's Oil Soap delivered right to your door!

Murphy's Oil Soap is pretty green already, but if you'd like to DIY your wood cleaner, here's a recipe that works pretty well:


2 Tablespoons olive oil (almond oil works even better!)

2 Tablespoons lemon juice

2 Tablespoons alcohol

24 oz water

INSTRUCTIONS: Mix all ingredients together well in a 28 oz spray bottle (or adjust the recipe for what size you have on hand).

TO USE: Shake well before use and spray the floor with the cleaner. Use a damp rag or mop to mop your floor. Let dry. *recipe courtesy of NellieBellie Blog

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