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SAVE $ Bundle your janitorial & window cleaning!
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Retail Stores &Restaurants

First impressions = lasting impressions

It's been proven that, to customers, a clean business equals a  quality business. When your storefront is clean, your displays are clearer and brighter. This invites customers into your business to view your merchandise or menu.


Office Buildings 

Clean offices = happy people

Window cleaning is a necessary part of building maintenance. Further, more natural light, especially in those long, dark winter months, can make for MUCH happier employees. clean workplaces have been shown to improve employee morale. 

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Simply Clean did our window cleaning this fall. More than one of our employees commented on their professionalism and attention to detail making sure the windows were sparkling and DONE DONE. We were very pleased with the finished product and can “SEE THE DIFFERENCE”. We recommend their services.

-- Julie Anderson

Vice President

Mathiowetz Construction

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Simply Clean provides services in the Southern MN Area.

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